Open Water Scuba Class includes Optional Nitrox

Copeland’s began teaching SCUBA in 1958, before any of the national certification agencies existed. When the first national SCUBA standards were presented in 1960, the standards Copeland’s had developed greatly exceeded these new national standards. Copeland’s has always taught above the national minimum standard, teaching skills and information we feel too valuable to omit. The classes are limited to 6 students, allowing for more individual attention. Pool training is done in a 12 foot deep swimming pool, allowing sufficient depth to properly learn to clear your ears and develop proper buoyancy skills.  

The Open Water Checkouts are done at inland lakes, or can be done on one of our Caribbean trips. 

The best way to learn is in your own SCUBA equipment and the least expensive training program is to buy your Fins, Mask and Snorkel Package and SCUBA System at Copeland's and save $500 on training.
Then, learn to use it with proper instruction and supervision in class.   

Copeland’s has been keeping SCUBA fun and safe for over 60 years.

Open Water Scuba Class includes Optional Nitrox

Weekend Class -- Sat/Sun  -- 7a-6p   Min Age 13

The Student MUST Provide:
PADI Open Water Diver Educational Kit: 

Includes (O/W Manual, Dive's Log and Training Record, Student Record File, and the Recreational Dive Planner)

Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Boots, Gloves and Dive Knife (must be able to use while wearing gloves).

*Optional but recommended: Wetsuit or Dive-skin


Mar 9/10  Sat-Sun

Apr 6/7  Sat-Sun

May 11/12 Sat-Sun

June 22/23 Sat-Sun

July 6/7 Sat-Sun

Aug 24/25 Sat-Sun

Oct 19/20 Sat-Sun

Nov 9/10 Sat-Sun

Open Water Check Out Weekend:

Each diver must make at least 5 satisfactory check-out dives (6 with Nitrox) in a two day weekend or on an International dive trip with Copeland's.

Weekend check-out dives will be at one of these: Windy Point at Lake Travis, 288 Lake in Houston, or Canyon lake/Comal River.

Open water checkout weekends


June 1/2 Sat-Sun

Aug 10/11 Sat-Sun

Sep 21/22 Sat-Sun

Nov 23/24 Sat-Sun  

PADI Open Water Diver Class Tuition /Nitrox

PADI Open Water SCUBA Class Tuition

A.  With purchase of a full SCUBA system from Copeland’s.............. $99

Includes: Classroom & Pool Instruction, SCUBA cylinder rentals for pool training and checkout dives. Nitrox cylinder for checkouts.

PADI Open Water Certification Card upon completion.

B.  With purchase of Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Boots, Gloves 

and Knife from Copeland’s………………………….………............….$379

Includes rental regulator, B/C , weights and rental SCUBA cylinder for pool training and check-out dives.

C. Regular Cost……………………………………………………….............$599

Includes rental regulator w/guages, B/C , weights and rental scuba cylnder for pool training and check-out dives.

Optional NITROX TRAINING with your Open Water Class for $100 (50% off Regular pricing)

Includes PADI Nitrox Certification Card, one and a half hours of classrom instruction, and a nitrox dive during checkout weekend.

PADI Open Water Diver Educational Kit  with Repetitive Dive Planner Tables…....$93.95

Additional Costs:

*  Cost of CheckOut Dives:

Lake Travis - Austin .................................$119
Any out of country trip run by Copeland's.. ..................................................$100
Referral Fee (O/W Checkouts done by another shop)....................................$50

NOT Included:
*Open Water Checkout Weekend

* Transportation, food, and lodging for Checkout Dives.
* Classroom and Pool makeup sessions if needed.
* Late fees if SCUBA System is not returned on Monday from O/W weekend.
* Student is responsible for and liable for 'rental equipment' during classes and 'open water training'. 

Specialty Classes

Congratulations on your desire to learn more about continuing your education as a diver with specialty courses! With every course you take, you are earning credit towards higher levels of diver ratings, such as the coveted "Master Diver" level, as well as becoming a more comfortable, knowledgeable diver.

Courses: Boat Diving, Deep Diving, Wreck Diving, Enriched Air (Nitrox), Navigation, Night Diver, Peak Performance Buoyancy, AWARE Fish ID, Rescue Diver, Search & Recovery, Jetty Diving, Rig Diving, Spearfishing, Emergency 1st Responder Courses (1st aid/CPR/AED) and more. 

ADVENTURE DIVER CERT: Requires Intro to 3 specialty courses and an associated dive for each

ADVANCED OPEN WATER CERT: Requires Intro to 5 specialty courses; MUST include Navigation and deep, and an associated dive for each. (5 full specialties will also accomplish advanced cert.)

Specialty classes require full training in specific specialty and associated dives.

If you are interested in courses we currently don't have scheduled, let us know by contacting us through the "contact us" link on our home page. Many specialty classes are scheduled based on demand.


Nitrox - Enriched Air

Nitrox Certification with O/W Training


Copeland's offers optional Nitrox Training with every Scuba Class, which includes diving 32% Nitrox during O/W Check Outs.

Cost $100

PADI Nitrox Specialty Courses

We also offer scheduled 3 hour classroom Nitrox Courses .

Cost $199 

Includes: Classroom and "PADI Nitrox Certification Card"   

Not Included: PADI Nitrox Manual and Tables $79.95   

Start Dates:   March 21, Thu 6pm  Aprll 4, Thu 6pm 

Rescue Diver Class

Rescue Diver Class is a two day program that includes Home Study-Classroom-Pool and Open Water Rescue Exercises.

Day One includes Classroom and Pool.  Day Two is Open Water Rescue Exercises.

In the winter when the water is cold, the Open Water Exercises are done at Comel River in New Braunfels in a single day, it is spring fed and maintains about a 70 degree temperature.  In the summer Open Water Rescue Diver Check Outs are done at various locations.  Cost of the Check Out day at Comel River is $49, at other areas it runs from $0 to $85.

Cost $199.95 includes:

Classroom - Pool Training-Open Water Rescue Training and on successful completion of class, a PADI Rescue Diver Certification Card. Value $50

Rescue Diver Manuel $65

Open Water Check Out (1day) $0 to $49

Not Included:

Any Scuba equipment- Transportation or meals

The next Rescue Diver Class will be: Feb 22, Fri from 5:30pm to 8:30pm and Sat Feb 23 at Comel River.